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Sunscreen Remover - Why Do You Need it?

There are so many conflicting research reports, it is hard to know whether the chemicals in sunscreen have a long-term impact but what we do know is that a good water-resistant sunscreen is critical for those long sessions in the surf.

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What is TapaReef?

What is TapaReef? The name TapaReef is a combination of a few different things that have special meaning to us as surfers, travellers and business owners. Karang Tapa is a reef located in Central Java, Indonesia at Latitude: -6°40'10.92" and Longitude: 111°18'5.39"   Much of our spare time has been spent surfing and travelling throughout Indonesia from Sumatra to Sumba, East Timor, Java, Bali and points in between and we liked the idea of a business name that references a part of the world where we have so many great memories. Tapa cloth which was the inspiration for our packaging design is decorated bark cloth made from the inner bark of various trees such as the paper mulberry, banyan, and...

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